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Fun Getaway Weekend In Frisco

westin frisco

For a getaway that’s not far away, fun can be as close as Frisco. We’ve made several trips to the Westin Stonebriar Country Club and Hotel, and had a great time. Located off Legacy, just north of 121, the Westin is close to everything. For golfers, the Country Club has …

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Strength Training May Reduce Heart Attacks and Cancers

strength training

Written by Dr. Gabe Mirkin A recent study of almost 30,000 older women followed for 12 years shows that those who did strength training had fewer deaths from heart attacks and all causes than those who did not lift weights. Another study that followed 80,306 adults for two years shows …

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New Year, New You. A Full Body Workout For Beginners

New Year, New You.

You’ve made that New Year’s resolution. This is the year you’re going to stick with it and get fit. Where do you begin? Do you need to join a fancy gym? Do you need a personal trainer? Getting started can raise a lot of questions. We came across an interesting article …

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A New Year’s Promise: Get Fit in 2018

New year fitness

Article by Adam Napper, Circuit 31 Fitness 3 Pro Tips for Sticking with Exercise all year 1 – Focus on one habit. And only one.  This tip has two parts. First, focus on a habit, as opposed to outcomes. Habits are things you have direct control over. For example: I will …

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