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Cryotherapy, Feel The Freeze

Lea Ann Daughrity gets deep freeze cyro therapy
Lea Anne Daughrity gets deep freeze cyro therapy

At sometime or another you have used an ice pack to help heal an aching injury. It helps reduce pain and inflammation. Imagine freezing your whole body in a temperature of more than 200 degrees below zero. Welcome to the world of cryotherapy.

Most people approach the idea with more than a little trepidation. Who wouldn’t! The treatment subjects your body to temperatures of 200 to 240 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) for about three minutes. The goal is to treat tissue damage, swelling, muscle spasms and pain.

You may be reluctant the first time, but regulars on the treatment say it almost becomes an addiction; they feel so good afterwards.

Elite Cryo in Frisco is one of the newer spas in the North Texas area. It specializes in whole-body cryo treatment where you stand in a large cryosauna while liquid nitrogen gas fills the vat and quickly lowers your skin temperature to about 30 degrees for a couple of minutes.

Jeff, Lisa, Christy
Jeff, Lisa, Christy

Elite Cryo is a brother-sister family operation. Jeff and Lisa Clark opened it earlier this year, and Christy Bowers is their assistant.

Lea Anne Daughrity is a regular, “I get sore from running and this relieves the pain.”  She’s a running partner of Lisa’s, and they regularly run together in local races.

The shop is also the official cryo treatment center for FC Dallas soccer players. A number of NFL players have stopped in for treatment, as well as players from the Dallas Stars hockey team.

According to Stars strength coach Brad Jellis, “My players have recovered from soft tissue injuries much faster using cryotherapy versus your typical ice bath.”

The Clark’s understand there is some reluctance among first timers, so they have a cheap $20 introductory treatment. After that you pay $50 a session, or open a membership and pay a reduced rate. Membership options are on their website.

Elite Cryo also offers an infra-red sauna and Norma Tec compression therapy for leg issues. There is also an on-site chiropractor from Advanced Chirosport on Wednesdays.

A Google search will turn up a number of cryo centers in North Texas, but Elite Cryo seems to offer the most up-to-date and widest selection of treatments.

Posted August 25, 2015.

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