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DORBA Gets Trails Ready To Go

DORBA Gets Trails Ready To Go
DORBA crews at work

It’s still winter but it feels like spring out there, and that means DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) is hard at work getting local mountain bike trails ready to ride.

Volunteer crews made up of DORBA members have worked on weekends to clear brush and fallen trees, patch ruts, and repair bridges that were washed out or damaged in rain storms.DORBA Gets Trails Ready To Go

DORBA trail steward Bill Woodard of Frisco led a group of about a dozen volunteers working on the trail at Northwest Community Park. Maintenance is an on-going process. “We do it whenever the trail needs us,” Bill remarked.

The trail at the park has five loops and covers a little more than eight miles. A number of the loops have been closed since last year’s record rains due to washouts.

Despite “closed” signs posted at the trailhead, some riders ride anyway, which causes damage.

“Using the trail when its closed causes damage, which many people don’t realize,” says Bill. “Riding/Hiking a wet trail can leave ruts and to a lesser extent foot prints.  When it rains again those ruts and prints can hold water, rather than letting it drain.  Since we’re a relatively flat trail, any held water just causes things to take longer to dry out.”

DORBA crews and equipment are all volunteer, at no cost to the city. Woodard calls it a “great partnership” with the city of Frisco.

DORBA Gets Trails Ready To GoMeanwhile DORBA crews also got the trails at McKinney’s Erwin Park open for use. That park was heavily damaged by storms last year. Erwin’s DORBA trail steward Rick Szecsy, who called last year’s damage “the worst I’ve ever seen”, says all Erwin trails are open, except for a few minor detours.

The McKinney Parks Department has been outspoken in its praise for the DORBA volunteer effort. “With our limited maintenance staff, we would never be able to maintain the trail as well as the volunteers from DORBA do.  They are a wonderful organization and we are thankful for their support”, says Ryan Mullins, Assistant Director.

For the latest trail conditions at Frisco, McKinney and other North Texas trails, check the DORBA website. Click on the trail name on the left side of the page.

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