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Making Fitness A Quick “Kick”

Making Fitness A Quick “Kick”Finding the time in your schedule to workout is a challenge for most everybody these days. It can be hard to set aside an hour or two for the gym on a regular basis. That’s where the 9Round Fitness 30-minute workout finds a niche in the market.

It’s not just kickboxing. According to Zoe and Steve Krusemark, owners of 9Round Fitness in Plano, it’s an intense total body core workout program from the time you walk in until you walk out 30 minutes later.

facebookThe workout consists of nine stations or rounds, with about three minutes at each.

Round 1 – Jump Rope, Round 2 – TRX / Strength Training, Round 3 – Double End Bag & Focus Mitts, Round 4 – Heavy Bag (punching), Round 5 – Wrecking Ball Bag, Round 6 – Heavy Bag (kicking), Round 7 – Horizontal Bag, Round 8 – Speed Bag, Round 9 – Core Station

There are trainers guiding you through each round, pushing you if you aren’t working hard enough, and offering encouragement and motivation along the way. A screen can display your heart rate, and trainers work with you to keep the HR in the right zone.

You’re constantly moving through the entire workout. Even the short rest periods between rounds are filled with cardio exercises to keep your heart rate up.

Making Fitness A Quick “Kick”At the Plano location Steve says 70% of their clients are women. “We help build self-esteem. Most of them don’t know anything when they walk in the door.”

It seems to work. We observed women throwing power punches and kicks into heavy bags, with no sign of intimidation or esteem problems. I had to be careful not to get decked while I was taking pictures.

Renee Aguilar of Plano, pictured above delivering a strong kick to a heavy bag, likes the idea of one-on-one time with the trainers. “I used to lift, this gives me more cardio.” She and her husband Aaron train together three times a week. Aaron used to run, “but this gives you more of a workout than a five mile run” in less time.

Carol Turnage of McKinney is an amateur golfer who plays in tournaments around the country. “I work fulltime and like the idea of the 30-minute workout. It builds core strength. My goal is to hit the ball farther. I can tell a difference.” She’s been working out at 9Round for about six months.

Customers include pregnant women, one who was back in the gym within weeks of giving birth. Weight loss is also a goal for many, several of whom have lost 40-50 pounds while on the program.

Everyone works at their own pace, on their own or with a trainer. “There is no competition here,” says Steve. “It’s empowering,” says Zoe, “It doesn’t matter what level you start at, beginner or advanced, it ups your game.”

The people we spoke with seemed sold on the intensity of the workouts, and the fact that you can get in and out in 30 minutes.

Making Fitness A Quick “Kick”
Zoe & Steve Krusemark

Zoe and Steve opened their 9Round Fitness franchise in 2013. Business has grown quickly. Steve, after a career in the financial services industry, is on-site to oversee the training and management of the gym. Zoe handles the marketing. Their mission: “It’s all about our members…empowering them to achieve their personal fitness goals.”

They offer a free trial workout to get you started. Check out their website [with video] and Facebook page to see if 9Round works for you.

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Posted 1/28/16

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  1. Good! It seems to work. We observed women throwing power punches and kicks into heavy bags, with no sign of intimidation or esteem problems. I had to be careful not to get decked while I was taking pictures. Thank you!

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