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Running With Dogs!

Julie Easty with her Goldendoodles at finish of Frisco 5K.
Julie Easty (#78)  with her Goldendoodles at finish of Frisco 5K.

There’s nothing like cruising along the trail or sidewalk with your faithful companion by your side. You love it, they love it! It’s one of the great joys of running. But some precautions are necessary, especially during the hot Texas summers.

Plano school teacher Julie Easty runs almost every morning about 5:30 with her two Goldendoodles, Kyann and Bailey. “When I don’t run they’ll sit there and cry. Kyann gets depressed.” They run as far as 8 miles, but distances are shorter in the summer heat. “We run through sprinklers when we can.” Julie and her doodles recently ran the nighttime Firecracker 5K in Frisco.

Heather and Brooklyn
Heather and Brooklyn

Heather Mordue of McKinney runs with her Black Lab Brooklyn, a 7-year-old female. Heather is a member of the McKinney Runners Club and runs 5K’s and weekly with the Run On social run, all with Brooklyn. They get out a lot.

“Running in the summer you have to taper down distances, and pace to make sure you don’t overheat them. Brooklyn does not run if it is sunny and over 85 degrees. This means we run early in the day or late at night. The most important thing about running with her is we have a blast,” Heather reports.

Connie & Dexter, Brandi & Cookie, Lauren & Pipper
Connie & Dexter, Brandi & Cookie, Lauren & Pipper

The social run group at the Run On store in Murphy has a particularly large number of runners with dogs. Kathleen Caldwell, the store manager, supplies water bowls at the finish point. Owners of smaller dogs say they only go a mile or two, especially it it’s hot.



When it’s cooler, Run On runner Joel Thornburg actually rides his bike with 1-year-old Callie running along beside him.

Joel & Callie
Joel & Callie

Perhaps the best-suited running companion is Diego, a retired racing greyhound. He runs with his owners, Mike and Melissa Barber in Frisco. “He used to pull us a lot,” says Melissa, “but now he’s settled down and stays beside us. He likes it on the sidewalk because it gives him a lane to stay in.”

In researching this story we found a couple interesting articles on the web about running with your dog. Check them out….and have fun out there!



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