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Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp

fitchicks coverIt started with a handful of students in an empty parking lot in McKinney. Melody Chandler was beginning her first session of what was to blossom into the women-only “Texas Fit Chicks” boot camp.

Today, six years later, Melody’s boot camp has grown to over 170 instructors/trainers across Texas. Plans are in the works to expand into Oklahoma as soon as enough trainers can be signed up.

Melody Chandler
Melody Chandler

All trainers have to have national certifications, and in many cases become friends and life coaches with their students. “We offer more than a workout”, says Melody. Trainers often have personal follow up with clients.

Texas Fit Chicks is a boot camp without a gym. Instructors and clients can be found as early as 5 a.m. on their exercise mats, pumping hand weights, in lighted parking lots of churches, banks, and schools all over Texas. Class sizes range from a half dozen women to over 30.

They move inside at donated spaces during inclement weather. According to Melody, “usually when it hits 40-degrees my girls want to go inside.”

The Fit Chick workout is almost a cult following. It takes a lot of motivation to keep coming back before dawn most days. But women keep coming back, week after week, month after month. “If you make it fun, they come back,” says trainer Juli Redner.

Melody says it’s rewarding to see changes in women’s motivation. “You pretty much change your whole life.”

She should know. The whole thing started because she gained weight having kids, and needed to get back in shape. “I couldn’t lose the weight, and couldn’t afford a personal trainer.” The idea for the low cost Fit Chick workout was born.fitchicks1

Today the classes run $79 a month, going 3 times a week, averaging under $7 a session. Most clients sign up for 12 months to get the best rate, although shorter packages are available. Melody says her goal is to provide the type of training “not just the rich can afford.”

In addition to the boot camps, Fit Chicks offers a nutritional plan. Most women are in the classes not just to get fit, they want to lose weight too. Most fitness trainers will tell you that means 80% diet, 20% workout to make the most progress. See our related article, “You Can’t Outrun A Bad Diet”

Full details are on the website, www.texasfitchicks.com. You can find a location near you, and plenty of trainers in the Frisco-Plano-Allen-McKinney area.

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